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Intelligent, flexible and configurable, Servicetrac’s helpdesk offers an agile approach to service delivery.

Priced appropriately for single sites, or scaled for a whole enterprise, every FM contract large or small can take advantage of Servicetrac’s helpdesk and the wider management of a soft-services contract.

At a glance

With its own dedicated dashboards, reports and functional areas, Servicetrac’s helpdesk can stand as a separate or integrated function of Servicetrac's auditing capabilities. Developed for rapid mobilisation and ease of use, the helpdesk has been designed around lighter, easier to use design principles, meaning you can get it in to the hands of the wider business faster, including your clients to increase engagement and operational performance.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Service Management platform, combined with the powerful mobile tools of Servicetrac, the concepts of service delivery, customer relationship, engagement and facilities management come together to provide an effective and efficient management tool. 

New Concepts in Service Delivery

Including concepts such as closed-loop service delivery, Servicetrac isn’t simply a task management solution like many helpdesks and workplace management systems.

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