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Servicetrac offers a closed-loop experience. Why is this important? Many solutions available today are great task management tools. You can log, track and close a task to completion. One might argue that if they didn’t do this they wouldn’t really have any value. Unfortunately, this is also where many stop and fail to offer increased value or functionality you might otherwise find useful.


Unlike solutions originally designed for the engineering space, Servicetrac was born from soft services and grew into the task management space.  It originated with auditing and developed as a consequence of automating behaviour when an audit failed, or parts of an audit failed.

Being aware what is going wrong is critical, especially when a client is reviewing performance in detail with you. Often, a failure can be objectively measured i.e. ‘that is not working’ or ‘that is missing’, which is where almost all solutions can be of assistance to you. You should not need a client to tell you these two things. Servicetrac helps in the less obvious, more subjective analysis of your service. It helps in the areas of the audit where opinion is sought and standards are a little ambiguous.

Keeping in mind its CRM pedigree, it is important to remember that when auditing with Servicetrac, combined with the helpdesk, you can drive genuine customer engagement, exceed expectations and discuss more than the jobs that took place during the last period.

Audit to Helpdesk

Servicetrac can be configured so that all faults that are generated from audits land as helpdesk tasks. Likewise, they can be logged remotely into a central helpdesk like all helpdesks out there. To clarify, this may be more than a simple grading of service or a broken asset, this can also be the client’s satisfaction with the general state of the facility, relationship or other services.

Servicetrac’s audit capabilities is fully integrated to the helpdesk. Out of the box, the functionality logs and records faults and failures in accordance with SLAs and posts them straight in to its own helpdesk - or where specified, a different helpdesk or CAFM system - so that failures automatically generate a log for the various response teams, maintenance crews or engineers to handle.

Built for FM

The whole process from audit to helpdesk to audit, as well as all the more traditional helpdesk features, make Servicetrac a valuable and powerful tool for FM. Being purpose built for FM, with an emphasis on soft services, we guess that’s no surprise though.

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