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They key to effective service delivery and compliance is awareness. Whenever a service starts to drop below expectation, be that internal standards, contracted SLA or statutory requirements, Servicetrac can be configured to monitor and alert operators, management, clients or whoever else needs to know.

This need for awareness extends beyond the day to day operation and into the executive management and owners of the business. Without the detail, gaining an overview is still achieved through dashboards and reporting that will engage and enable the business to perform effectively, without crossover into each other’s functions or responsibilities.

Keeping you in front

Servicetrac will inform you when what is contracted or promised is looking unlikely or not possible - giving you maximum opportunity to correct it before it’s an issue for you or your client.

Servicetrac is geared to help you manage delivery in line with what is contracted or promised. It will ensure the whole organisation, from top to bottom, understands and supports all elements in the pursuit of service excellence.

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