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Ad-Hoc auditing

Within the FM environment, there are times where audits or checks are required to take place, that are not planned or scheduled to a particular date or regularity. In this scenario, Servicetrac users can create ad-hoc audits or checks, which can be completed outside of a defined schedule or pattern.

Add & edit locations from device

Servicetrac’s latest version provides admin users with the ability to add and edit locations from their device. This enables absolute flexibility in scenarios such as a contract roll-out, room changes and employee welfare checks.

Random and sample auditing

In scenarios where contracts require a percentage or sample check, rather than for all locations to be checked, Servicetrac offers users the ability to take a sample audit within a sub-set of items, or provide a list of randomly selected locations for users to audit. 


High priority task management

In some client scenarios, the need to action high-priority tasks takes precedence over all other activities. For this reason, Servicetrac enables users to be alerted of high-priority tasks, and allows them to action them, from any screen within Servicetrac.

This function ensures that all high-priority tasks are managed effectively, giving the best possible opportunity to maintain often very tight SLA timescales.

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