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Timegate’s Engagement Pack is primed to help you work more openly, more actively and more effectively with your workforce.

The Engagement Pack is equipped with automation and workflow that not only provides real–time analysis for the business level decision maker - stripping time, money and risk from the traditional manual process - but also delivers self-service options to the employee that provides the access and the means that is expected in an employer today.

Giving employees access to personnel files and work schedules from a web browser or from one of our apps, Timegate enables your back office teams to be freed up a little, allowing them to focus on other high value activities.


Engagement is a two-way process

Engagement from Timegate is two-ways. A genuine collaboration tool for the business, you and your employees will benefit from the clear and fast communication that Timegate allows.

From being able to offer their availability to work an extra shift or two, to generating opportunities for the business, Timegate’s Engagement Pack will offer your employees and your business more value than you might expect.

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