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Holiday processes

Accepting employee’s holiday requests via an online portal, Timegate streamlines the process of planned absence. Fast and flexible, Timegate cuts the time and motion of the holiday request process down by 50%. Reducing the burden on back office teams, Timegate provides a clear view on the entire process to management and the employee which means that the chasing on decisions and approvals is eliminated. Accepting the holiday request, initiating management approval, affirming time-off with payroll and confirming the final decision with the employee, Timegate does all of this in one quick and seamless 10 minute process.

Human resources features

Giving your HR team access to accurate data on working hours, planned and unplanned, maternity and paternity leave, pay, pensions, expenses and salary sacrifice, Timegate ensures that all employees are managed, paid and reimbursed in a compliant manner. Looking after the rights of your workforce, Timegate enables an organisation to rely on a tightly run HR provision, giving you and your team the reassurance that everyone is being looked after in accordance to UK employment laws.

Likewise, giving employees access to the things they need regularly, or that are important to them, means they don’t need to contact HR teams or other functions as frequently. This reduces the burden on HR, Payroll and other central services, letting them focus on the other aspects of customer relationships, operational accuracy and efficiency. Making relevant information quick and easy to access, and to self-service, Timegate’s Engagement Pack saves you, your workforce and your customers significant time.

Payroll interrogation and queries

Taking a 20 minute process and changing it into a 5 minute job, Timegate dramatically reduces the time and motion around payroll queries.

Accepting employee pay queries via the online portal, Timegate then notifies payroll or the employee’s manager, initiating them to make a decision on the query.

A note on the decision is then automatically sent to the employee. A slick and streamlined process that leaves the employee happy that their query has been dealt with and management teams satisfied that their payroll is running accurately, Timegate’s Engagement Pack is a key data tool.

Announcements and News Stories

As part of your competitive edge, your employees are critcal to your success. Likewise, disengaged, poorly aligned or disefranchised employees can do a lot of harm. What can you do to help them connect with the organisation?

As a platform for sharing news and announcements, Timegate helps connect the workforce with key activities, messages and all that they need to know about whats happening in and around the organisation or the market place. Similarly, you can invite them to partake in initiatives that advance their knowledge or your business. Bring them with you, keep them connected and aligned to objectives and strategy. Let Timegate help.

Schedule management

Accurate and effective workforce scheduling is critical to the service delivery sector. Timegate recognises that as an FM provider you will have numerous requirements and is designed to provide you a clear view of workforce availability and engagement, to give you absolute control.


Uniform processes

Requesting uniform via the online portal, Timegates accepts and processes the needs of each employee. Linking with relevant departments to ensure that clothing is in stock, that purchase is within the individual’s uniform allowance budget and that checks on the employee’s uniform request history are made to ensure that they are not exceeding their quota, Timegate prompts decision making, then confirms the final outcome with the employee in one smooth and simple process.

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