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Two-way messaging is a vital element of engagement

Whilst many solutions can broadcast information few have the ability to receive them back to organise responses accordingly.

Broadcast functionality is also refined. Using right-click processes to correctly identify message groups, be that SMS or email, selecting templates or building your own messages, operators and managers can use pre-existing system fields (a bit like mail merge) and messages will only be sent to appropriate, select groups based on your requirements. So long as these individuals have a mobile phone (not a smartphone necessarily) or an email account, they can be included in the broadcasts and receive the information you are sending out. Likewise, they can reply from that same device or email account and shorten all of the resource demands the alternative and traditional methods of communication will consume.

- No more phone calls chasing your employees availability

- No more chasing other managers for their teams availability

- No more guesswork

- A response inbox to help you filter and complete

Estimated to save you 85% of the manual processes around filling posts and shifts, the two-way messaging feature is becoming a critical advantage in support services.

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