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Tailored for the Support Services sector, Timegate is able to offer specific, filtered and up to the minute intelligence on business compliance, profitability and effectiveness.

Presented in a clear and easy to understand format, Timegate’s Dashboards and Reporting capabilities enable a business to identify and remain ahead of any problem areas.

Timegate’s dashboard and reporting functions give management the information they need to make the business decisions necessary to keep an organisation competitive and profitable.

A dashboard is a user interface that organises and presents information in a way that is easy to read. A popular tool, dashboards are critical in surfacing data for more effective Facilities Management.

Gathered live data from all over your business, then combining and presenting it in a clear, user appropriate format, Timegate dashboards enable you to cut through the noise to see the information that is important to you.


Timegate comes with traditional style, interactive Dashboards too.

Analysis of compliance, operational holes, profitability and other key data is all available to be interrogated. Filter views by sites, employees and date ranges to achieve the view of the business you need.

Innovise can also build you customer dashboards if you prefer and one of our consultants would be pleased to talk you through your requirements.

To-do lists

Timegate’s to-do lists, offer users access to immediate operational decisions and required activities that can influence wider business performance.

Killing the need to export reports into excel or wade through paper reports, the clear and simple approvals, permissions and management to-do lists are much more efficient.

Timegate just makes it simpler to do what you need to do, when you need to do it.


With the ability to provide reports and graphical representation of your data, Timegate’s intelligent technology sets it apart from many other similar software solutions on the market today.

Working to cut out the need to drill through information, Timegate simply surfaces the lists of information that are relative to you, your department or your interest.  Saving significant time, Timegate’s intuitive and flexible nature means that you only ever need to see what you want to see, giving you back valuable time and letting you get on with your day job. 


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