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Essential Timegate offers Time & Attendance (T&A) functionality to the FM organisation, to strip out the costs associated with manual processes for time-sheeting and processing. Collecting hours and costs, T&A from Timegate is a very simple first step for many FMers.

Timegate helps drive up compliance with payroll policy through a rules based engine. Additionally, the time and money once spent on producing and analysing paper time sheets or Excel submissions, plus the subsequent payroll, budget and business performance queries, can be optimised using Timegate.


Helping to validate identity and drive added security when operating a clock-in, check call or clock-off procedure, our Cloud based telephony service interface supports the compliance of the organisation.

Caller challenge features include programmable and random assessments of employees, requiring them to validate elements of their ID against the HR file. Combined with our unique telephone line ID lifting service, implementation of this solution means that more potential fraudsters get trapped, reducing cost and risk for your business.

Apps & app store

Ready-made and ready-integrated, our tailored Apps provide you with a customised way to access Timegate.

Ready to use as soon as you receive it, our Apps offer a rich addition to Timegate’s classic features and functions.

Our Apps are fully supported by our teams, so we are able to help you should you have any issues or questions.

As we release more standard functionality, our Apps are automatically updated to match.


By customising the Apps your organisation gets to portray a branded, unique experience to the workforce that identifies them with your business, even when they’re not at work for you. This takes your brand further and represents excellent value from Timegate.

Customised Apps, like any bespoke tailoring service allow you some freedom to drive what you want in to the user experience. Our consultants can walk you through the arguments with you, for and against this approach, but its good to know we can support you whichever way you decide to go.

"...some of our clients need this type of service and we are pleased to be able to accomodate it. We dont recommend it for everyone though. Sometimes vanilla is best."
- Graeme Hughes, Managing Director, Innovise

Get in touch to find out more. 


Capturing accurate labour data can be more than replacing Timesheets and Excel with Timegate. How about having the ability to Identify or verify who submitted the time and attendance data based on a physiological or behavioural characteristic? Using biometric technology to clarify that an employee’s time & attendance record was submitted by them – and only them - eradicates any doubts that can sometimes creep in…

Providing a broad range of direct and indirect benefits for the clients and in terms of time and cost, there is no doubt that biometric technology is an attractive option

Lone workers & compliance

Employers have a duty of care to their employees for their health, safety and welfare at work. The different support service lines have different demands and some require specialist levels of observation and alerting. For example, Guarding a Bank at night is typically considered higher risk than reception services on an industrial estate during the day.

The common issue for almost all FMers is that the workforce is often geographically scattered and rarely on a site that the service provider owns. They will likely managing it instead and will not be able to justify increased on-site managment; more efficient methods are required.

Timegate offers flexible options to help address these legal obligations and ensures compliance with the various statutory and regulatory challenges you face, no matter how dispersed your workforce is.

With real-time dashboards, montioring stations can effectively observe your employees without impacting their day more than is required, and without you taking on unecessary risks. The same technology can also be used for ensuring employees are behaving compliantly with planned attendance times and locations. When they don't behave according to plan you'll know immediately then too.

IMPORTANT: You should ensure you risk assess the roles and locations for Lone Workers to establish what level of protection you need to offer.

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