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The Finance Pack

Timegate’s Finance Pack can introduce new levels of business maturity for you and your teams. Out of the box key functions include invoicing, crediting, 1/12th billing, ad hoc duty billing as well as other chargeable billing. With a little customisation or more complicated configuration, the module can be used to handle more complex routines and demands.

As with all Timegate Packs, the Finance Pack is designed to help you control costs, drive procedural efficiency and remove manual manipulation and human error. Being innate with Timegate it will also give you the real-time advantage that most interfaced solutions cannot.

The Finance Pack is concerned with three principal areas of your business; absence management, tax scheme (HMRC) compliance and financial integration.

ABSENCE MANAGEMENT is usually the second largest cost in a service providers business. It is second only to payroll. It is not just about absenteeism but about controls and process management to reduce margin erosion. The overheads of managing absence should not be misunderstood or miscalculated. With the typical service provider operating with costs north of 6 hours management time per employee per annum it is easy to understand why absence management is a key area for cost management. 
TAX CALCULATION and automation is critical in any organisation. It can also underpin your competitiveness in bids and the cost of operation. You need to be sure you are fully compliant with any dispensations you have agreed with the tax and other statutory authorities which Timegate can help you do.
Being able to INVOICE your clients directly from Timegate, be that regular activities or the less regular ad hoc work and miscellaneous costs you have undertaken, helps drive efficiency into the organisation and reduce the risks of error associated with manual interventions. If you have preferred financial system or an ERP (e.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics) we routinely integrate these solutions into Timegate for a seamless financial window from those systems too.

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