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Transforming the complex billing process, Timegate’s Finance Pack provides seamless integration from operation to invoice, ensuring that you have robust financial management in place. Invoicing, credit notes, export to ledgers; Timegate delivers accurate workforce management data straight into the finance department, enabling finance teams to reduce their labour intensive processes, improve billing response and reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).


Timegate’s Finance Pack ensures that billing is always secure, safe and quick. Providing you with an overview of activity to keep you in total control, Timegate will accurately collate your data and process the most complex of payment procedures, including  1/12th billing.


As with any service delivery provider, the workforce will be comprised of a selection of employment contracts. From the permanent, part-time and zero hours employee, organisations will also have to manage salary for the ad-hoc worker. Managing all aspects of the salary procedure, Timegate’s Finance Pack is designed to be able to accurately and compliantly calculate and process salary for each member of your workforce, based on the hours that they have worked.

Invoice and sales ledger information

Having a separate finance system to your operational systems often causes issues around the fact that finance teams will have little or no visibility of what’s happening in the business, unless they manually make the checks that they require across multiple departments in the organisation. Labour intensive and open to error, this method of working is particularly cumbersome.  Timegate eliminates this.

Joining up the invoicing and sales ledger functions, Timegate’s Finance Pack provides complete transparency, enabling finance teams to easily check what’s happening and why.

It is estimated that Timegate provides 1% greater accuracy, which equates to £250 per employee per year. Fantastic ROI, whatever size your workforce.

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