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Ensuring that your hiring process is totally compliant is a business critical consideration. Recruitment in relation to statutory obligations, client side requirements and other pressures are a day to day reality and all must be achieved whilst maintaining certifications and qualifications for the existing employee base.

Add to this that you are continually building, maintaining and inheriting workforce all the time, you need powerful tools and systems to keep you on track and on time.

This is a tough and complicated reality for every service provider and one we know how to assist with.

Timegate’s Recruitment Pack is designed to automate the application, vetting and on-going compliance – it’s designed to drive peace of mind for management.

Whether you operate in regulated and/or unregulated environments, you have to develop mechanisms to protect your operation. Efficient and compliant procedures that do not hinder are business critical. Our Recruitment Pack, powered by PASS offers you an industry honed answer to these challenges and one that is purpose built for your needs.