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Visibility for you and your customers

Developed from nearly three decades of experience, Servicetrac provides the power and performance to ensure your operation and compliance are all they need to be.

From simple cleaning inspections, security inspections and other FM orientated forms, to infection control, aircraft turnaround and closed-loop helpdesk routines, Servicetrac supports leading support services organisations to innovate and intelligently deliver against their promises. It's evolved over many years, offering sharper and more focused intelligence that makes it more than a simple replacement for paper and pen.

Extending into and providing intelligence about the relationship and the service you are providing, you can effectively leverage Servicetrac and its sister product, Timegate, to help you to reduce costs and service response times whilst improving failure resolution, M&E responsiveness, and giving clients enhanced self-service.

The Original Auditing Tool

Servicetrac began life with FM Workshop and was later a product of Innovise, who also acquired Expolink and Ausped. All of these businesses were renowned for their software that helped organisations maintain the standards required or simply expected.

Born out of demanding clinical and tightly regulated environments, Servicetrac has unparalleled pedigree and longevity, which is possibly why so many service providers and healthcare providers know they can rely on it every day. Features include:

Anti-tamper design
Available offline or in signal black spots
Simple auditing functions
Complex auditing

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Intelligent Helpdesk

Intelligent, flexible and configurable, Servicetrac’s helpdesk offers an agile approach to service delivery. Priced appropriately for single sites, or scaled for a whole enterprise, every FM contract large or small can take advantage of Servicetrac’s helpdesk and the wider management of a soft-services contract.

With its own dedicated dashboards, reports and functional areas, Servicetrac’s helpdesk can stand as a separate or integrated function of Servicetrac's auditing capabilities. Developed for rapid mobilisation and ease of use, the helpdesk has been designed around lighter, easier to use design principles, meaning you can get it in to the hands of the wider business faster, including your clients, to increase engagement and operational performance.

Closed-loop service delivery
Improved responsiveness and customer care
Mobile task manager

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Client stories

The thing we value the most is the complete transparency of the data and being able to see real-time metrics around performance.
Wilson James
Innovise Software Ltd has set the bar within the aviation auditing industry and we’re looking to use it as an essential part of any future business that we do.
Servicetrac has helped us to achieve a reliable and constantly compliant facilities management service, providing us with a way to ensure that we are constantly ahead of the game.

A range of Packs and
pricing options

With Packs starting from just £600 a year, there's a
Servicetrac option that's perfect for your business.

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Technical Detail

We understand that switching to a new software solution will often bring with it a range of questions surrounding the new technology that you are working with or plan to work with. This section should help explain what you need to the know.

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Latest release

With a new release scheduled each quarter, you can be assured of continuous improvement.

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