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Token Features

The Contract Compliance Toolkit


Driving up standards, compliance and productivity for all.



Compliant, profitable operations achieve SLAs and meet agreed standards. They track KPIs and they keep their promises!



Failures are a fact. It’s not that you get them, it’s what you do when they occur that matters. A fully integrated helpdesk closes off loose ends.



Protect your margins. Managing the billable profiles which vary by client is complex. Clever billing engines make complex contracts simple.

Token Features
Token Architecture

Every day, every minute, Servicetrac helps you keep your promises.

Providing SLA and KPI compliance for more than 750,000 locations, it is the truly
scalable solution for Building Services and Guarding providers.

Servicetrac will scale appropriately to any sized contract with any number of associated services. As is common for service delivery organisations; solutions need to be capable of monitoring all the service lines within a contract.

Servicetrac is designed with flexibility in mind so any specification can be added whether its Patrol & Response, Auditing, Cleanliness and Infection Control, Aircraft Turnaround or far simpler requirements. Helping you manage what you contract is Servicetrac’s reason for existing.

A single, centralised solution providing total service visibility – Isn’t that what you need?

Intelligence & Insights

Operational Overview – Live Dashboard screens to help you manage everything but simplify the ‘so what do I do now’.

Reports – A comprehensive suite of operational and management reports, developed specifically for business needs like yours.

Your data, how you want it – For our largest clients, or those who want to integrate Servicetrac to a Data Warehouse, we are able to support this too. Alternatively, an ‘off-the-shelf’ option is also available.

Integrated Helpdesk

Maximising margin, preventing un-billable revenue

Servicetrac is different. The integrated Helpdesk works seamlessly alongside audit and patrol activities pushing tasks intelligently and automatically to help you

Servicetrac has expanded to be an intelligent, powerful
asset for the support service provider who cares about under and over delivery and who just wants to deliver what they have promised for the price agreed. Importantly, they may also want to ensure that the extra work they do is also tracked and invoiced to both control financial exposure as well as demonstrate over delivery is part of their service.

Token Architecture

Patrol, Monitor & Response

Customer Experience & Financial Control

Servicetrac has been configured to support our clients who offer ‘Patrol, Monitor and Response’ services. For them, nearly every contract is different. They offer highly customised levels of service.

Their scale and their bespoke service offerings mean they have to manage billing complexity. They don’t want this complexity to burden their front line, customer facing teams any more than necessary; distracting them from Customer care.

Hundreds of vehicles, thousands of activities and an almost never ending combination of inclusive and additional billing activities mean that manual operations and interventions are not an efficient way to run the operation.


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