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Time-critical auditing

Some operations demand time-critical auditing. For example:

  • Short windows of time to complete inspections
  • Auditing regimes which must happen every X days or weeks with zero tolerance for slippage
  • Auditing schedules which must follow on X days after the last audit was completed

Without software, users are challenged with managing these demands manually, which leads to mistakes, fines and potentially contract loss! Using the features within Servicetrac, users' workloads are pre-determined, visible and easily managed ensuring that critical contractual requirements are completed each and every time. From infection control, healthcare cleanliness routines, to aircraft, train or leisure facility turnarounds, Servicetrac is able to assist.


RAG (Red-Amber-Green) controls, SMS alerts and email notifications can update any group of stakeholders of pending audits, tasks and failures. Equipped with automatic reminders and alerts, you run less risk of failing SLA's and critical response windows. 


Time constrained auditing

Supporting rapid turnaround services, Servicetrac enables operatives to complete inspections within a small window of opportunity. Widely used in transport, leisure and healthcare, users complete checks, update tasks and report issues from a mobile device. Within Servicetrac, these checks are pre-defined to specific areas, and all task-related information is available on demand. This ensures that users can access the correct and relevant information instantly, saving valuable time. 

Examples including flight turnarounds, train departures, cinema showings and hotel room turnaround, it’s important for teams to enter the environment, execute the required work and deliver to the agreed standards quickly and efficiently. Easy to configure and quick to mobilise, Servicetrac is mapped to meet your specific requirements no matter how small the time constraint.

Proof of presence

Some environments or circumstances require proof of presence as part of the audit process. Where environments are unmanned, it's important that both the service provider and client have irrefutible evidence that the operative has attended a specific area or location. 

Where statutory or business critical tasks are necessary, proving attendance at a location gives assurance that tasks have been completed and requirements have been met. 

Using simple in-device technologies such as NFC, RFID and barcode readers, GPS tracking and photograph/image capture, it has never been easier to ensure compliance.

Furthermore, this process makes the user experience even easier, as with one swipe of a device, users are provided with all the necessary information instantly.