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Using Servicetrac, management teams will benefit from clear, unequivocal feedback about the services that the organisation is delivering. Once an audit has been completed, performance information is shared on the operatives device, and is submitted immediately to Servicetrac. This means all relevant parties can view and interpret the same information instantly, enabling them to identify patterns, trends and key performance information for more informed decision-making.    

Servicetrac is proven to reduce risk and improve compliance within contracts. This in turn drives up customer satisfaction, employee engagement and overall productivity. By agreeing clear goals, targets and expectations, our clients share consistent, informative and measurable business intelligence with their customers. Using easy-to-understand dashboards, graphical representations and evidence-based reports, Servicetrac is used to control service delivery and maintain high contract performance.


Engaging customers should be more than sending them sporadic and vague information in various formats. For leading support service organisations, Servicetrac is used to add value to customer relationships, by enabling them to be proactive and generate automated, easy-to-understand reports. Where openness and transparency is important to end-clients, customised dashboards can be made available to share relevant performance information of a contract as it happens. This in turn promotes trust and loyalty, and provides the foundations for long-standing and strategic relationships.

Our Advice

  • Personalise the experience; reports, dashboards and other types of open engagement. 
  • Create focused plans that will ensure you achieve great things at various stages throughout the relationship.
  • Track this with Servicetrac. 
  • Find the best ways to interact with your customer and don’t just rely on technology or reports. Whilst very important, these only supplement the relationship.