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Intuitive design

Regardless of the auditing complexity, tracking of compliance and performance in FM is vital. This is why Servicetrac uses intuitive audit design to ensure the process is as simple as it can be. From the home screen you can quickly and easily identify your workload for the day, and from inside the application, you can also see what tasks are coming up. You can then decide if it makes sense to do it there and then, or leave it until nearer the time. Developed with user experience in mind, Servicetrac is designed to be easy to use. That said, whilst it may look simple, it is definitely more than a simple app; it's built on years of knowledge, experience and customer feedback.

Service level agreements & KPIs

Measuring SLA’s and contractual KPI’s against customer expectations and requirements, Servicetrac keeps your service delivery on track. The in-app results presentation, standard and custom reports, as well as web-based dashboards, give you real-time visibility of your audit activity. Servicetrac provides a powerful way to offer users and their customers a bespoke, tailor-made service. Aligning SLA's and KPI's to each individual contract, Servicetrac enables FM providers to establish and maintain harmonious and strategic working relationships with their clients. 

Management information

Not only is it easy to use and great for reporting, Servicetrac helps investigate, review and analyse your own operation. Furthermore, Servicetrac allows users to share information openly to support strong relationships and collaborative working with clients. Instant access to management information is provided through informative dashboards, automated reports and real-time alerts to ensure effective decision-making, control and performance analysis. Scheduled, triggered and on-demand reports can go to any group of stakeholders. Summary, detailed or situation reports allow you to review prior periods, plan future activities or analyse 'live' demands, giving you ultimate control over service delivery.