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Servicetrac is used in FM to deliver a wide array of compliance and service delivery roles. Sometimes this variety exceeds all of the standard reporting and dashboards within Servicetrac. When this happens, we provide clients with three principle options.

Tailored Reports

Innovise can build and deliver to Servicetrac a single or set of reports that are tweaked or tailored from all of our standard dashboards and reporting options.

Bespoke Reports

In the event that a standard report is not suitable, and therefore tailoring something from an established design is not for you we are capable of helping you design a report from scratch. Our consultants will spend time with you onsite, checking how you have set up the data collection and from there, we will advise on what we can deliver and the options available.

Data Warehouse

For our largest clients, or those who want to integrate Servicetrac in to a Data Warehouse, we are able to support this too. We offer an ‘off the shelf’ option or we can work with you to determine your exact requirements. Innovise’s Data Warehouse is built on Microsoft Azure which is the natural selection from a product built on Microsoft Dynamics. We will help you identify what you need and how our data will be delivered to you. For example, the frequency of synchronisation and methods of connections. Our goal is to ensure your Business Intelligent experts plug Servicetrac in to your enterprise correctly, so you end up with the most successful route to achieving your goals.