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Designed to log and complete the contractual obligations as part of the closed-loop processing, Servicetrac is an invaluable tool for maintaining the highest standards of delivery and customer satisfaction.

SLA management

When a fault or failure is found as part of an audit, Servicetrac will lookup the SLA and automatically apply the relevant parameters for you. For those with access to Servicetrac, tasks will automatically appear on their devices for resolution.

In case you haven't provided all of your teams with access to Servicetrac, this doesn't cause issues monitoring your SLAs. External teams can be allocated tasks by phone or email, so you can track and trace the whole process through to conclusion, whether inside or outside the SLAs.

Patrol, monitor & response

From bid to delivery, Servicetrac is able to help leading organisations design, build and execute processes, workflows and standards of security that only 10 years ago were almost unachievable.

As a fully balanced, well adopted security solution, Servicetrac encompasses more than just a ‘tour of a site’. Helping organisations collate, interrogate and extrapolate data, Servicetrac enabes security service providers to become more effective, essentially ensuring success for both themselves and their clients.