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Portertrac is a response management tool for portering and hotel services departments within Healthcare. Whether tasks are a reaction to a request for assistance, pre-planned, ad-hoc or routine, Portertrac is there to make sure that the work is captured, assessed, issued and tracked to successful delivery in real-time.

A trusted solution

Healthcare delivery is a challenging environment, where demands change and fluctuate all the time. Using Portertrac, Trusts and/or their service providers effectively manage and analyse resources available to them versus the current and projected workloads. Better planning and optimal utilisation means that portering, as well as other hospital and hotel services, operate with maximum focus on service.

A trusted software solution, Portertrac is used by health services throughout the UK.

Easy to use

Portertrac is very simple to use, which makes it very easy to implement across a large organisation.

The three column interface is designed to give simple, clear access to tasks, employees and live activities, whilst the ‘drag and drop’ management feature makes allocation and feedback as simple as it can possibly get.

Dispersed teams

Able to integrate with radios, smartphones and other handheld technology, Portertrac is the perfect tool for dispersed teams, cutting response time and driving up productivity, as well as ending tiresome 'return to base' activity.

  • Improved working conditions for porters with less walking and less time pressure
  • Improved visibility for Porters, Control desks and requesting parties
  • Less wear and tear on equipment owing to reduced distances travelled

Porter Utilisation

Portertrac makes the live management of porters simple and effective. It is estimated a Porter will walk 8 miles in an average shift, however with Portertrac this is cut to just 5 miles.

If Porters are equipped with Smartphones, things become even easier. Cutting distance travelled by an estimated 20%, more of the Porter's time is handed back to the service.

Saving the leg-work as well as optimising service delivery, Portertrac improves morale and service satisfaction for both the Trust and the patient.


One of the often under-valued and difficult to measure aspects of software like Portertrac, is the value that is achieved by self-service.

By shifting the requests for assistance to a terminal local to the requestor, that person becomes responsible for correctly requesting what’s required.

Through the self-service portal function of Portertrac, users have the ability to track how their request is progressing, pre and post collection, as well as the option to run reports on the service they are receiving.

On the move

Portertrac is compatible with many devices, either ‘out of the box’ or with a little bit of work.

Rugged Smartphones and tablets are the tool of the modern porter, with Apps available for Windows Mobile and Android, the most commonly requested. Instant messaging inside and outside of Portertrac are often the means by which operations are executed.


Portertrac’s reporting functions provide key reports that show standard service performance in the detail that many will be interested in. Enabling management teams’ access to much deeper information, Portertrac can be ‘drilled into’ to uncover powerful analytics on the performance and effectiveness of service delivery.

Quickly analyse delivery, the component parts of tasks and evidence the quality of services. 

Identify your biggest customers, most difficult customers and re-imagine the service so they can receive better care and delivery.

If you want to build better portering services, Portertrac will help.