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Flexible and simple to use, Control Desk users have a number of options when it comes to Portertrac.

Accessed using the LAN, WAN or the internet, the Portertrac interface enables users to load up and queue tasks and requests in real-time. Tasks on the left, resources on the right; all you do is ‘drag and drop’ one on to the other and you’re done... Easy to operate, fast and extremely clear, Portertrac makes SLA compliance a simple thing to achieve.

Sharing workloads appropriately and evenly, Portertrac monitors service delivery in real-time, giving management teams the opportunity to view output at any given time. By capturing the reasons behind any service failure in real-time, Portertrac enables management teams to review a full audit trail, identify and correct any repeated common causes.


Cutting management time whilst speeding up service delivery, Portertrac’s portal function enables hospital teams to access and view the location and schedule of each Porter in the vicinity.

Allowing requesting authorities; wards, departments and other porter-seeking stakeholders to effectively ‘self-serve’. Portertrac’s portal function eliminates the need to phone an operator and relay requirements.

Requests are simply loaded up in seconds, leaving Portertrac to manage the demands against available resources. 

Task management is no longer juggled alongside answering phones, emails and knocks at the door. Instead time is spent on delivering the service and managing exceptions to the routine activities.


A vital tool for the mobile worker, Portertrac’s mobilisation capabilities will ensure that no matter how far from base a team may be, the communication of tasks and the management of progress will never be compromised.

Receiving work and communicating progress against issued tasks, management teams are able to keep a view on each dispersed crew member. Designed to support single or multiple tasks simultaneously, management can optimise the workload to the most efficient resource, and prevent service failures.

Removing the need to return to base, Portertrac increases productivity, maximising the time that each employee is on shift. Designed to be quickly adopted by the workforce, using standard Android phones, integration to digital radios and ‘push-to-talk’ services can also be provided.


Combining robust functionality with intelligent technology, Portertrac provides much more than a workforce management tool.

Collating and then clearly presenting management teams with a wealth of key, real-time information, Portertrac maximises workforce efficiency with its powerful analytic capabilities.

Encompassing the complete cycle of service assignment and delivery, Portertrac ensures that all resources are utilised effectively.

Tracking and tracing workforce activity against SLA / KPI requirements, Portertrac provides detailed performance information for service providers and their clients.


Able to integrate with radios, smartphones, tablets and other handheld technology, Portertrac is the perfect tool for dispersed teams.

Cutting response time and driving up productivity, through the many devices that Portertrac is compatible with, employees are able to rapidly receive and acknowledge tasks or instructions whilst on the job. Fast and effective, no return to base activity is required.