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Cost control and process automation from pre-employment through to payroll

Purpose built for FM, Cleaning and Security, Timegate gives you a real-time overview of the operation and drives efficiency in today's competitive support services. With configurations to suit the subtle but different demands of these businesses, it has the rich functionality you'll appreciate and come to rely on.

Driven by a scalable core system

Timegate is a Workforce Management solution built specifically for FM; Cleaning, Guarding and Soft Service providers.

From pre-employment through to payroll, Timegate provides improved process automation and cost analysis.

The Essential system offers you T&A, Apps, Scheduling/Rostering, Budgeting and lots of Management intelligence. The bolt-on Packs enrich your experience, control, automation and engagement. 

Enabling a real-time overview of the operation, today’s competitive Support Services will appreciate the advantages that Timegate is able to offer.

Supporting the move towards service excellence and ultimate efficiency, Timegate is the software solution of choice.

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The Recruitment Pack. For smarter hiring.

The Recruitment Pack is a tool for businesses who on-board talent on a daily basis. It's for organisations that need the leanest, most cost effective processes as well as for those who need absolute peace of mind about their statutory and contractual compliance.

Often used by Guarding companies, or organisations who provide their personnel in to schools, hospitals, banks and airports, they appreciate the value a tool like Timegate's Recruitment Pack will offer. In today's regulated and highly litigious environments, you need to ensure employees are who they say they are, and can evidence this with ease. The Recruitment Pack also offers you machine-like efficiency in bringing candidates through to a position of employment at a fraction of the time and cost.

Ripping out cost, the Recruitment Pack offers market leading automation and productivity for busy HR, Recruitment and Vetting teams. With the Recruitment Pack, you get a lot of functionality you’ll appreciate and ultimately come to rely on.

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Bring clarity with the Finance Pack

Ensuring that your hiring process is totally compliant is a business critical consideration. Recruitment in relation to statutory obligations, client side requirements and other pressures are a day to day reality and all must be achieved whilst maintaining certifications and qualifications for the existing employee base.

Whether you operate in regulated and/or unregulated environments, you have to develop mechanisms to protect your operation. Efficient and compliant procedures that do not hinder are business critical. Our Recruitment Pack, powered by PASS offers you an industry honed answer to these challenges and one that is purpose built for your needs.

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Drive efficiency with the Engagement Pack

Timegate’s Engagement Pack is primed to help you work more openly, more actively and more effectively with your workforce.

The Engagement Pack is equipped with automation and workflow that not only provides real–time analysis for the business level decision maker - stripping time, money and risk from the traditional manual process - but also delivers self-service options to the employee that provides the access and the means that is expected in an employer today.

Giving employees access to personnel files and work schedules from a web browser or from one of our apps, Timegate enables your back office teams to be freed up a little, allowing them to focus on other high value activities.

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Client stories

By far the most advanced product of its kind, Timegate is developing all the time, so you are never standing still.
Brooknight Security
Automating our processes has enabled our teams to focus on the jobs that they are qualified and employed to do, significantly increasing their efficiencies.
Gough & Kelly
Our partnership with Innovise has helped us improve customer service and employee productivity, increase back-office efficiency, and improve employee engagement.
Total Security Services

A range of Packs and
pricing options

With everything you need to get going from just £3000 a year including SaaS, there's a
Timegate Pack that's perfect for your business.

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Technical Detail

We understand that switching to a new software solution will often bring with it a range of questions surrounding the new technology that you are working with or plan to work with. This section should help explain what you need to the know.

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Latest release

With a new release scheduled each quarter, you can be assured of continuous improvement.

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