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Applicable to all of Innovise Limited and its subsidiaries

Applicable to all of Innovise Limited and It's Subsidiaries

Innovise Limited seeks to be a good corporate citizen in everything that it does. We have brought together our existing operating principles into one framework policy under the heading of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The principles encompassed in this policy cover all areas of the Group’s operations and have been developed and continue to be reviewed against the relevant codes of corporate governance and international standards.

The Innovise Limited Board of Directors supports the principles set out in those codes and standards, that set a common approach for Innovise companies and provide practical guidance for our managers and employees.

Compliance, Monitoring and Reporting

Compliance with this policy will be continuously monitored and subject to review by the Board of Innovise Limited. Each local manager is responsible for ensuring that the principles set out in this policy are communicated to, understood and observed by all employees. Employees who reasonably suspect that there has been a breach of this policy must report it to their line manager, senior management, or other mechanisms established by the Group to report such breaches.

We recognise that employees may be reluctant to report concerns and will take disciplinary action against any employee who threatens or engages in retaliation, retribution or harassment of any person who has reported a concern in good faith.

The Board of Innovise Limited will not criticise management for any loss of business resulting from adherence to the principles set out in this policy. All sections of this policy are underpinned by the Group’s Code of Business Ethics. The other areas covered by this policy are Customer and CommunityEnvironment and Ethical Trading.