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The Engagement Pack

Timegate’s Engagement Pack is to help you empower and engage your employees.

As well as providing your employees with access to valuable self service activities, a job market and resources, the Engagement Pack is equipped with automation and workflow that not only provides real–time analysis for the business, but is rife with automation which strips time (money) and risk from the traditional manual processes.



Today’s employees expect to have immediate access to tools which enable self service. Timegate provides access to diaries, reporting, payslips, leave requests, pay queries and much more. By giving this to your employees back office teams are more efficient, more timely and more satisfied in their roles too.

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Job Market


Support services organisations are almost always large employers with lots of work opportunity throughout their contracts. Timegate profiles vacancies and opportunities so employees can help find new roles, overtime and extra work to suit both your business demands, your clients and your employee’s needs.

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Event Management


Whether you routinely manage events and stadiums or just service them occasionally, when you get a contract you are often burdened with filling hundreds of vacancies within a very short window, and often just a few days. Timegate’s Engagement pack will help you do this far quicker and far better than you would otherwise think possible.

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Back Office Tasks


If you have lots of employees, you need efficient and intelligent processes that expedite workforce management activities. New Starters, Leavers, movers and changes, queries over pay and uniforms are automatically manged within Timegate driving tasks and activities to hiring managers, HR, Wardrobe, Payroll and other internal teams in a beautiful orchestra of activity. 

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Making the right resources available to the right audiences is a sure fire way to help employees promote the organisation, feel engaged in its delivery and its strategy, as well as controlling effort in misdirected activities. Be it news, announcements, videos, or documents Timegate helps you deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.  

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