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A Cleaner, Janitor or Security Officer will on average make six requests per annum for time off. Be that a family vacation, an appointment or some other reason for needing time off, the process of handling it is both time consuming and expensive. The employee may or may not know how much they are entitled to so will call a supervisor, manager or central team.

Looking this up and checking balances then matching this to what entitlement is accrued may then involve multiple people or teams. Invariably, you also need to know if you can cover the request by putting someone else on shift and once all this is done you then need to go through the process of logging it on various systems, with different people and with the employee… and its not unknown for them to change their mind later or move things around too. There any many other permutations of this situation too but all are cumbersome when you get down to it, and its no wonder this process is hard to manage and even harder to measure or quantify costs for.

How many calls does it take? How many minutes are spent discussing and checking things? What happens if records between systems are out of sync and you need to align them before you progress the request? How much time lapses whilst all this is happening? How much paper is involved from the original request through to the approval? 

Our customers tell us that for ‘time off requests’ Timegate will remove more then 50% of the steps in the process. It will help them reduce the time lapsed by 95% and reduce time spent discussing the requests internally and with the original employee by 90%. This ignores any soft costs associated with fuel used to move paper, storage of forms so the return on investment is clearly very large. This is one type of request Timegate will handle.

Payroll requests, general requests for assistance, uniforms… We think Timegate will transform your back office by automating mundane, time heavy, process heavy and prone to error business functions.