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Whether you are addressing the needs of Generation X, Y or Z, perhaps the millennials you will be familiar with an ever increasing appetite for access and speed of information. In today’s competitive business environment employees, customers and colleagues are ever more demanding about the time it will take to deal with a request, a query or a task. Businesses grow with and rely on these efficiencies and so in order to remain competitive and successful you will be continually seeking improvements that not only drive said efficiencies but also that exceed or if nothing else meet with expectation. This is one of the reasons why Innovise clients buy the Engagement Pack for Timegate.

The most impactful area in FM for an employee revolves around three areas:

  • Am I being / have I been paid correctly?
  • Can I find overtime or additional work?
  • How much leave do I have and when can I take it?

Timegate helps employees improve their workplace experience in these areas plus many more. Employees can run reports, see payslips, query pay and rates, look at their diaries and engage in the wider business functions with greater ease and convenience and in doing so, will be prepared to pick up the effort that is otherwise pressed on to back office teams. 

Example: When an employee has a pay query, to have to contact the team, explain it all, wait for a back office team to investigate and come back they are often frustrated through that time window. Likewise, the back office team are trawling through data and notes that make validation and resolution of the original concern from the employee hard to determine. This is a less than pleasurable task too. Instead, The Engagement Pack passes that insight to the employee and they can get right down to the duty or shift in question without need to refer to the back office teams and can often resolve their questions or concerns themselves, and where not, they can easily and more articulately identify the problem they have spotted. This makes the whole process simpler, shorter and more successful for all involved. It restores time to back office teams and allows employees the transparency and access to information they seek.

Happy employees are more productive employees. Happy and more productive employees mean happier clients. Happier clients mean’s longer contracts and lower employee attrition. Why wouldn’t you want happier employees?