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FM out of the box

Timegate is a software solution that can grow with your business. It is comprised of a core engine and then packs that you bolt on to your ‘essential’ requirements. Thats why we called our core system ‘Essential’.

The Essential package includes everything we think you’ll need to get you going. From simple Time & Attendance functionality to complex scheduling and rolling rosters, Timegate’s essential functionality also includes our apps, our cloud based telephone services and our continuous improvement programme.

Time and Attendance


Essential Timegate offers Time & Attendance (T&A) functionality to the FM organisation, to strip out the costs associated with manual processes for time-sheeting and processing. Collecting hours and costs, T&A from Timegate is a very simple first step for many FMers.

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Providing you with the means to program in your contracts and ensure that every shift, every employee and every contract is delivered on time and on budget, Timegate’s scheduling functionality enables you to deliver against the most rigorous service demands.

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Response & Event Management


Managing stadiums, arenas and festivals or simply responding to unplanned peaks in demand is a challenge. Effective service delivery in this area of work, requires a rich talent pool, effective tools of communication and special sets of intelligence to pull out the unique problems this type of service delivery throws up. Helping you to source, vet, employ, manage and monitor your talent, Timegate should always be your first port of call.

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Contract Management


Coping with contracts and legislation compliance is something that is common to all workforce management systems. Designed specifically for the FM sector, you will not find another software solution that delivers a more intrinsic contract management function.

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Dashboards & Reporting

Tailored for the Support Services sector, Timegate is able to offer specific, filtered and up to the minute intelligence on business compliance, profitability and effectiveness. Presented in a clear and easy to understand format, Timegate’s Dashboards and Reporting capabilities enable a business to identify and remain ahead of any problem areas.

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International Support Services

Designed for global markets, Timegate is used on 5 continents and has evolved to help our clients operate across diverse sets of operating conditions including multiple languages, multiple time-zones and a wide variety of support services streams.

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Essential Timegate comes with all the reports you would probably need. That said, we are adept at tweaking these reports or creating you new ones when you need them to display your data as you want it.

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