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Report on pay and the detail

Like all mature and well established software platforms Timegate comes with a long list of standard reports. Observing the security models of the business, Timegate reporting can be trusted to deliver the intelligence the operation will crave without exposing all of your commercial secrets or sensitivities.

Standard reports as well as favourite reports, make it easier to speed up locating your critical data. 

Timegate can also be loaded with your bespoke reporting demands and you can receive a customised view of your data to help you drive a competitive edge or to see the data in a way that your organisation craves. These are often very easy to produce and whilst chargeable, can be done for very little investment. 

Reviewing schedules and plans

Presented in a simple, clear format, schedules generated by Timegate are open to review and change by management teams. Giving management the flexibility to alter plans in the event of a potential issue being flagged, Timegate provides the complete picture of planned workforce activity to make the task of pro-active management an easy one.

Essential Timegate comes with all the reports you would probably need. That said, we are adept at tweaking these reports or creating you new ones when you need them to display your data as you want it. It’s important to note that some reports require you to have functionality you may not have switched on in the packs. Likewise, you may decide not to use part of the system as part of your configuration. So given that data out is a result of data in, whilst we’re good at what we do, this can present a challenge! Whilst it may sound obvious, we want to make sure we are clear with you at all times.