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Managing stadiums, arenas and festivals or simply responding to unplanned peaks in demand is a challenge. Operating a contract which requires minimal staffing for 90% of the year, which then demands the recruitment and management of hundreds or thousands of personnel at short notice for the remaining 10%, can be an administrative and logistical nightmare without the right software to support you. 

Helping you to source, vet, employ, manage and monitor your talent, Timegate should always be your first port of call.

The communication tools and event intelligence within Timegate increase the capabilities of an event delivery business. 

Eliminating and reducing manually intensive procedures, Timegate’s broadcast messaging services via SMS and Email cuts down the leg work. By automatically matching candidates by skills, geography, availability and rates, bulk communication is made simpler, far more cost effective and efficient in delivering the right people for the job. Complimented by a rapid self-service function, Timegate similarly enables candidates to quickly and easily respond to duty confirmations, or to request duties if they find theselves available to work. Visible to contract managers and schedulers, this data, together with a wealth of event orientated reports and dashboards, can be reviewed before any commitment to operational planning is made.

Timegate makes the mobilisation, management and demobilisation of an event as easy as it can be.