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What is Scheduling?

Critical margins are best defended from erosion when delivery is rostered and schedules are regulated and policed as part of standard operation.

Providing you with the means to program in your contracts and ensure that every shift, every employee and every contract is delivered on time and on budget, Timegate enables your business to stay on track.

Quick and easy to digest, Timegate slices and presents management data as schedules or plans versus your actual delivery. Helping you make informed decisions, Timegate’s scheduling functionality enables you to deliver against the most rigorous service demands.

Scheduling types

Essential Timegate offers service providers a variety of scheduling options. More importantly, the scheduling can be hybrid to allow operational plans to match the requirements of the contract and/or the business perfectly.

The ability to operate multiple schedule types make workforce management and the accompanying payroll detail, a more effective process.

Integrated rules and matching processes add value too. The plan you schedule is also the plan you follow and resource effectively. This protects the business and contract delivery from margin erosion, under and over-delivery, poor skills mixes on site or on contract and inappropriate selection of employees.

However you want to, or need to control your workforce, Timegate has it covered.

Budgeting & cost control

As a FM service provider, cost control on delivery is paramount.

Timegate technology enables budget and cost control in a variety of ways.

Controlling and verifying the complete T&A process, Timegate ensures that workforce activities are optimised to provide best value for money. Alerting you to the unexpected, and feeding the financial processes with precise data, Timegate works to regulate behaviour.

Giving you the means to control your costs and remain on budget, Timegate enables your operation to remain competitive.