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The Finance Pack

Timegate’s Finance Pack can introduce new levels of business maturity for you and your teams. Out of the box key functions include absence management, ad hoc duty billing as well as other chargeable billing. With a little customisation or more complicated configuration, the module can be used to handle more complex routines and demands.

As with all Timegate Packs, the Finance Pack is designed to help you control costs, drive procedural efficiency and remove manual manipulation and human error. Being innate with Timegate it will also give you the real-time advantage that most interfaced solutions cannot.

The Finance Pack is concerned with two principal areas of your business; absence management and financial integration.



If you want to integrate Timegate to any other system you use our Finance Pack; from here we will build you a report or an interface be it to Sage or to SAP. We're very experienced at building this plumbing between key systems as for many of our clients, consumption doesn't start and end inside Timegate.

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Managing Absence


As a technology house for support services providers, Innovise has designed Timegate to deliver richer controls over the areas of these businesses which matter the most. Often, and without being aware, costs are bleeding from a lack of control and visibility on planned and unplanned workforce absence. Timegate resolves this.

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