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Recruitment for FM

Ensuring that your hiring process is totally compliant is a business critical consideration. Timegate’s Recruitment Pack is designed to automate the application, vetting and on-going compliance – it’s designed to drive peace of mind for management.

Whether you operate in regulated and/or unregulated environments, you have to develop mechanisms to protect your operation. Efficient and compliant procedures that do not hinder are business critical. Our Recruitment Pack, powered by PASS offers you an industry honed answer to these challenges and one that is purpose built for your needs.

Application Forms


Transforming recruitment into a quick and easy process for both the employer and the potential candidate, Timegate’s Recruitment Pack includes an automated application process. Customised to include your organisation's branding, Timegate’s online application forms save, collate and verify candidate information, ready for management review.

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Vetting & Screening


A vital process that needs to be done absolutely correctly, vetting staff prior to employment can be extremely complex and fraught with risk. Making the complex simple, Timegate's Recruitment Pack delivers all that is required for a compliant vetting process along with a reduction in time and motion on this intense business process.

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Process Automation


Defining the hiring process and safeguards to protect your organisation from any risk, Timegate’s Recruitment Pack systematically manages and delivers against the process, standards and rules for recruitment. Delivering a transparent procedure, the progress of which can be viewed at any time, Timegate ensures that the correct checks are made, double entry is eliminated and that relevant references are verified.

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Compliance Engine


Timegate works to make sure that only the most suitable candidates progress through to the final stages of recruitment. Screening clients against regulatory requirements as well as the standards set for the particular role, Timegate instinctively filters applications, eliminating those candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements.

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