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With every release we will add to and simplify processes and features of Timegate. The most recent developments in Timegate introduce some new and exciting features as well as some re-engineering of the mechanics to make it even more scalable and Enterprise capable.

Growing our Enterprise readiness

Timegate is the choice of many large and complex organisations who demand a single instance (for all the benefits that introduces) and high performance owing to the scale of their businesses. As global leaders and multinationals, with diverse portfolios of service our customers demand Timegate has to be built to high standards. As part of the ongoing commitment to our market and our customers we continually innovate both the front end and our back end technologies and the latest versions of Timegate are no exception.

The largest developments have been concerned with refactoring; improving and enhancing performance of the financial engines allowing us to process the same amount of data in a fraction of the time. The latest enhancements offer material improvements for our clients with more than 20,000 employees and clearly benefit all organizations that use Timegate. We continue to drive performance of our application, fine tuning and overhauling as appropriate.

Making Employee Engagement more impactful

More intuitive workflows help central teams design events and distribute communications. The powerful two way communication technology then allows for cost effective, engagement to and from the employees into easy to use fulfilment workbenches.

We have a new app and our clients can now self-brand and design using our new style designers, carve up their audiences and take more control in-house without jeopardizing the quality of the finished effect.

Building, fulfilling and managing an event can be cut down to man hours from man days, as well as a time lapse reductions too. Large events delivery businesses now consider Timegate a commercial imperative. 


We announced our new ‘Insight’ and ‘Service’ Packs at our User Group and we have been successfully BETA testing our Insight offering with a limited number of clients. We are preparing for a soft launch in the next few months and we are excited about the potential this brings to our customer ability to analyze and understand their business like never before. Keep an eye on our Social Media channels for sneak peaks on Service Pack too.

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The rest

Over and above this, we have been working hard to make improvements for manual as well as automatic rate-gen procedures, financial period features, Diary event and Meal break functionality, as well as driving more and more customer self service capabilities. Contact us to learn more about the changes to:

  • Data Import Routines
  • Editing of Duty Information
  • Enhanced ‘to do list’ features
  • Qualification Expiry Handling